Dea careers

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Dea careers

Drug Enforcement Administration DEA special agents are an instrumental part of our criminal justice system. DEA agents have the challenging task of implementing controlled substance regulation and laws in the US. The major responsibilities of a DEA agent include:. Eligibility Requirements If you would like to be considered for a job as a DEA agent, you must meet the following eligibility requirements.

A very competitive and rigorous hiring process is carried out for DEA agents. The following list is the major phases of the DEA agent hiring process:. An applicant needs to complete all the different phases of the hiring process, and stay competitive in order to be considered for employment.

The DEA agent facility is located in Virginia. Agents are required to attend courses for around 16 weeks where they acquire the following training:.

It is not necessary for DEA agents to have prior law enforcement experience. However, applicants having experience in military or law enforcement may be given preference in employment.

Some critical skills required by DEA agents are mentioned below. The duties carried out by drug enforcement agents are usually hazardous in nature. Drug enforcement officers carry firearms. They also have irregular work hours and may have to work overtime. The job of drug enforcement officers may require relocation several times during the course of their careers.

Their work may be quite dangerous and stressful. There is a good chance they will have confrontations with criminals, but they also need to stay alert so that they may effectively handle other threatening situations. Law enforcement officers including DEA agents have to witness death and suffering resulting from accidents and criminal behavior.

A career in law enforcement could have a significant impact on the private lives of officers. DEA agents fall in the category of detectives and criminal investigators. For more information on how to become a DEA agen t and earn a competitive salary, you should contact the Drug Enforcement Agency directly for additional guidance.

The hiring process for the DEA Agent position is usually completed in 12 months, but can be longer than that. The training covers courses like undercover techniques, firearms training, defensive tactics, arrest techniques and surveillance techniques. Once the candidates have met the age and education requirements, they have to clear the Physical Task Assessment PTA which determines whether they can bear the rigors that come with being a DEA Agent.

The salary incorporates the Federal Enforcement Officer base pay in addition to an area allowance.

dea careers

Much recruitment is carried out within or through carefully select sources.The DEA employs nearly 6, special agents, diversion investigators, chemists and intelligence research specialists. These professionals dedicate their careers to identifying, investigating, prosecuting and dismantling cartels and gangs involved in the illegal narcotics trade and misappropriation of pharmaceuticals.

In the 21 st century, narcotics trafficking is closely tied to violent criminal organizations and terrorist networks, which means the work the brave men and women of the DEA do everyday is critical to the security of the United States. DEA special agents are empowered to investigate criminal operations, arrest perpetrators and use a variety of financial, prosecutorial and tactical mechanisms to shut down illegal operations involving narcotics and pharmaceutical drugs.

These law enforcement officers are the primary field operatives that the DEA deploys both domestically and internationally. These DEA jobs require specially trained operatives who are comfortable working within a variety of high risk settings including undercover infiltration of narco gangs, special operations on foreign soil and coordinating law enforcement operations with state, local or international agencies. Behind effective field operatives are the intelligence research specialists who collect evidence and information used to produce operational and strategic recommendations for special agents and tactical units.

DEA jobs for intelligence specialists involve drawing on the latest scientific research, human informants, documents recovered from crime scenes and electronic surveillance to create a comprehensive intelligence picture of narcotics operations around the world.

They intercept communications, extract information from witnesses and detainees, and use forensic technology to reconstruct crimes. These professionals provide the real time information that makes the DEA an effective drug enforcement agency. Forensic Chemists — Chemistry is at the heart of every drug operation, whether it is a new compound created in the jungles of Southeast Asia or one developed in the laboratories of a Big Pharma multinational.

These chemists often take compounds recovered from crime scenes or drug interdiction operations and reverse engineer them to discover how they were produced, the materials required to process raw materials, and what facilities were involved. Fingerprint Specialists — Fingerprint analysis has been a mainstay of forensic science for decades, but it continues to play a pivotal role in counter-drug operations. The fingerprint specialist utilizes a variety of chemical compounds, digital scanners and investigative techniques to recover fingerprints from a crime scene and immediately run them through federal and international databases.

In many international operations where time is at a premium, these specialists are able to provide the identities of parties who were present during the production of a chemical.

This can often prove critical in convincing foreign law enforcement to assist in the arrest of a perpetrator, as well as in the prosecution of individuals in U. Computer Forensic Examiners — Many of the financial and manufacturing operations that drug traffickers employ are too complex to organize without computers. When the computers are seized they often provide critical information about the criminal organization.

The DEA employs forensic computer examiners to retrieve data that has been stored on hard drives, laptops, cellphones and other devices even if heavily encrypted or partially damaged. These digital forensics experts also scour the internet to decipher chatter from criminals or terrorists regarding drug operations. The diversion of prescription drugs nets criminal organizations billions in profits and is usually perpetrated through convoluted financial schemes, digital security breaches, thefts and fraud.

The misappropriation of pharmaceuticals may involve large government agencies like Medicare and affect thousands of needy patients. Many of these diversion programs substitute ineffective or poorly manufactured drugs that present a health and safety risk to many recipients.

Diversion investigators utilize regulatory, enforcement and financial tools to investigate the misappropriation of pharmaceuticals. Attorney — Legal professionals initiate legal proceedings like prosecutions, detainments and deportations. They often work closely with prosecutorial authorities, other federal agencies and the judiciary.

Attorneys are critical for providing the legal framework for investigative procedures like wiretaps and electronic surveillance, as well as formulating agency policies. Some attorneys may provide legal advice during tactical operation planning. Facilities Management — The DEA operates more than field offices throughout the country as well as additional facilities that may house personnel, agency equipment or confiscated property.Official websites use.

Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites. Diversion Investigators enforce the Controlled Substances Act CSA and the Chemical Diversion and Trafficking Act CDTA regarding the manufacture, distribution and dispensing of legally produced controlled substances and listed chemicals in order to prevent diversion of controlled substances and listed chemicals into the illicit market, while ensuring an adequate, uninterrupted supply of pharmaceutical controlled substances and listed chemicals to meet the legitimate medical, commercial and scientific needs of the public.

dea careers

Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing is a must for a successful candidate. These abilities and skills may have been acquired through a variety of backgrounds such as:. Diversion Investigators are subject reassignment to any location in the United States depending on the needs of the DEA. All applicants must be available for relocation throughout their career with DEA and will be required to sign a statement to this effect when accepting an offer of employment. Diversion investigators perform demanding jobs and must meet certain medical and physical requirements to ensure they are able to perform all the duties of the job.

Applicants will be required to obtain a qualifying medical examination to determine physical and mental fitness and must be free of any impairment that would interfere with normal work performance. Depth perception and ability to distinguish shades of color color plate test are essential.

Candidates must be able to hear conversational voice a distance of 20 feet with both ears. The use of a hearing aid is permissible. Click on Advanced Search. At the bottom of the page click on Search for Jobs.

Drug Enforcement Jobs with the DEA

Skip to content. Diversion Investigator Diversion Investigators investigate the diversion of pharmaceutical chemicals and drugs. Diversion Investigator Careers. DEA Diversion Investigator. Diversion Investigator - Mobile Enforcement Team. DEA Diversion Investigators reviewing files. Diversion Investigator examining electronic files. Diversion Investigator at pharmacy. Am I qualified to be a Diversion Investigator? What is the hiring process?

What are the employment requirements? Hearing requirements: Candidates must be able to hear conversational voice a distance of 20 feet with both ears. Other requirements: A valid driver's license is required for all Diversion Investigators.

How do I apply? Department of Justice.

How to Become A Dea Agent

Contact the Webmaster.Rating is calculated based on 21 reviews and is evolving. People have asked 5 questions about working at DEA. See the answers, explore popular topics and discover unique insights from DEA employees.

Skip to main content Indeed logo. Find jobs Company Reviews Find salaries. Upload your resume. Sign in. DEA careers and employment Rating is calculated based on 21 reviews and is evolving. Office Assistant in Washington, DC 3. Overall I consider DEA as a good work experience but much too short. I had positive work experience a DEA were I worked in the human resource department. I learned how to handle classified and non classified documents, answer phones, order supplies, process time sheets and maintained files and distributed documents to other departments.

The job was located in VA and I did not have my own car at the time. I also had 2 young children at the time which I dropped off at daycare before having to start work between 7 am and am.

I have a car now and my children are both high school graduates. I enjoyed working at DEA and was looking forward to staying a long time but my career was cut short when my mother became very sick and I became a full time care taker for her.

Outstanding organization to work for with great people who enforce the federal narcotics laws.

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DEA is the best job in the world if you have the desire to enforce the federal narcotics laws and rid society of illicit drugs. You have the ability to travel the world and work with counterparts who share the same beliefs and desires as you as it relates to drug enforcement.

QA Associate in Virginia 3.

What It's Like to Work Undercover for a DEA Taskforce

Excellent pay and potential for advancement. Exciting and rewarding employment with excellent benefits and retirement. Job involves the investigation and apprehension of people involved in narcotics trafficking. Team is the most important cultural asset. Effective and efficient standard operating procedures create a successful workflow.

See all reviews. What would you say about your employer?

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Help fellow job seekers by sharing your unique experience. Write a review. March 26, What is the interview process like at DEA? September 29, The interview process is very extensive approximately 2 hours long. Following the interview process there is a physical exam along with a polygraph test and physical.

On average, how many hours do you work a day at DEA? An average day consisted of working at least 10 hours per day conducting surveillance activities or performing undercover assignments. What is a typical day like for you at DEA?Official websites use.

Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites. DEA offers professional and administrative career opportunity in a variety of occupations. DEA's administrative and support personnel perform functions and operations that are the backbone to the mission of combating domestic and global drug trafficking.

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DEA offers a wide variety of administrative and clerical advancement opportunities at locations worldwide. Some of DEA's positions in the administrative and support field include:. Attorneys at DEA have a significant role in shaping important legal and policy decisions. The Office of Chief Counsel offers a professional environment where attorneys derive job satisfaction from a job well done and maintain balance between work and home life.

Information on eligibility requirements is also available through the OARM link. Individuals with office and facilities management skills will find a rewarding career at DEA.

Available positions may include:. DEA Human Resources personnel are essential in attracting, developing and retaining exceptional talent. We are looking for dynamic HR professionals who care about satisfaction, efficiency, effectiveness and the well-being of our employees. We may have human resources positions for applicants with various levels of experience in the areas of:. Skip to content. Professional And Administrative Support DEA offers professional and administrative career opportunity in a variety of occupations.

Experience Our Career Choices If you are looking for: a career with meaningful work, a career working with the best of the best, a career that contributes to the well being of the American public, and you're ready to work with an international organization having a global presence, then you've picked the right agency with DEA.

Administrative and Support. Facilities Management. Finance and Acquisition. Human Resources. We may have human resources positions for applicants with various levels of experience in the areas of: Benefits Classification Employee Relations Pay and Compensation Recruitment and Staffing Training and Development. Department of Justice. Contact the Webmaster.It would be unwise to bring your entire bankroll at any one time or to use all the money you have with you to buy chips right off.

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dea careers

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DEA careers and employment

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dea careers

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